Inspiration Friday: Bucket Fill-osophy!

As the summer begins to wind down and many of us look forward to a long weekend, it’s time for a little inspiration! I’ve always enjoyed this time of year. It seems charged with changes, possibilities and beginnings. While I may not always have enjoyed the end of summer and the start of school, I find that I miss the cyclical nature of those days and I often feel that tug to start something new at this time of year. As I was planning out today’s blog, I decided that I wanted to start something new myself, but I also wanted to find something that made a difference. I’ll share what I decided to do after today’s inspiration…

Each one of us has an invisible bucket.
It is constantly emptied or filled, depending on what others say or do to us.
When our bucket is full, we feel great.
When it is empty, we feel awful.
Each of us has an invisible dipper.
When we use that dipper to fill other people’s buckets by saying or doing things to increase their positive emotions we also fill our own bucket.
But when we use that dipper to dip from others’ buckets, by doing or saying things that decrease their positive emotions we diminish ourselves.
Like the cup that runneth over, a full bucket gives us a positive out-look and renewed energy. Every drop in that bucket makes us stronger and more optimistic.
But an empty bucket poisons our outlook, saps our energy, and undermines our will. That’s why every time someone dips from our bucket, it hurts us.
We face a choice every moment of every day: We can fill one another’s buckets, or we can dip from them.
It’s an important choice, one that profoundly influences our relationships, productivity, health, and happiness.

Have you filled someone’s bucket today?

For me, I’m taking on a new challenge with Team in Training in the fight against Leukemia in the hopes that I can make a difference. If you’d like to learn more or help – click here! I hope you’ll at least click and help me fill a few buckets!